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QuranO.com - Qur'an Online. Qurano is Quran Online in 8 languages (Currently) with Comprehensive translation and Tafsir. Word by word Quran translation is avalaible in Bangla/Bengali, Deutsch, English, Indonesian (Perkata), Turkish, Urdu and Russian. There are Quran audio reciter and various tafsir as well. We considerably adding another languages for future updates. We focus on easy navigation, lightweight and full features as references in one place.

Supported Languages:

  1. Arabic (AR) : https://qurano.com/ar/

    Default Translation: Tafsir Muyassar

  2. Bangla/Bengali (BN) : https://qurano.com/bn/

    Default Translation: Tafsir Taisirul Quran

  3. Deutsch (DE) : https://qurano.com/de/

    Default Translation: A. S. F. Bubenheim and N. Elyas

  4. English (EN) : https://qurano.com/en/

    Default Translation: Tafsir Sahih International

  5. Indonesia (ID) : https://qurano.com/id/

    Default Translation: Terjemahan Kemenag (Artinya)

  6. Russian (RU) : https://qurano.com/ru/

    Default Translation: Кулиев (Elmir Kuliev)

  7. Turkish (TR) : https://qurano.com/tr/

    Default Translation: Diyanet Isleri:

  8. Urdu (UR) : https://qurano.com/ur/

    Default Translation: Tafsir Jalalain/Jalalayn

Audio Reciter:




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