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you have fulfilled
the vision."
Indeed, We
[We] reward
the good-doers.

Qad saddaqtar ru'yaa; innaa kazaalika najzil muhsineen

Sahih International:

You have fulfilled the vision." Indeed, We thus reward the doers of good.

1 A. J. Arberry

thou hast confirmed the vision; even so We recompense the good-doers.

2 Abdul Haleem

you have fulfilled the dream.’ This is how We reward those who do good-

3 Abdul Majid Daryabadi

Of a surety thou hast fulfilled the vision. Verily We! thus We recompense the well-doers.

4 Abdullah Yusuf Ali

"Thou hast already fulfilled the vision!" - thus indeed do We reward those who do right.

5 Abul Ala Maududi

you have indeed fulfilled your dream. Thus do We reward the good-doers.”

6 Ahmed Ali

You have fulfilled your dream." Thus do We reward the good.

7 Ahmed Raza Khan

“You have indeed made the dream come true”; and this is how We reward the virtuous.

8 Ali Quli Qarai

You have indeed fulfilled your vision! Thus indeed do We reward the virtuous!

9 Ali Ünal

"You have already fulfilled the dream (which tested your loyal obedience to the command; so you no longer have to offer your son in sacrifice.) Thus do We reward those devoted to doing good as if seeing God."

10 Amatul Rahman Omar

`You have already fulfilled the vision.´ That is how We reward those who perform excellent deeds.

11 English Literal

You had confirmed the dream, We (E), like that We reimburse the good doers.

12 Faridul Haque

“You have indeed made the dream come true”; and this is how We reward the virtuous.

13 Hamid S. Aziz

You have indeed fulfiled the vision; surely thus do We reward the doers of good:

14 Hilali & Khan

You have fulfilled the dream (vision)!" Verily! Thus do We reward the Muhsinun (good-doers - see V. 2:112).

15 Maulana Mohammad Ali

And We called out to him saying, O Abraham,

16 Mohammad Habib Shakir

You have indeed shown the truth of the vision; surely thus do We reward the doers of good:

17 Mohammed Marmaduke William Pickthall

Thou hast already fulfilled the vision. Lo! thus do We reward the good.

18 Muhammad Sarwar

you have fulfilled what you were commanded to do in your dream." Thus do We reward the righteous ones.

19 Qaribullah & Darwish

you have confirmed your vision' As such We recompense the gooddoers.

20 Safi-ur-Rahman al-Mubarakpuri

"You have fulfilled the dream!" Verily, thus do We reward the doers of good.

21 Wahiduddin Khan

you have fulfilled the dream." It is thus indeed that We reward those who do good,

22 Talal Itani

You have fulfilled the vision.” Thus We reward the doers of good.

23 Tafsir jalalayn

Verily you have fulfilled the vision', by what you have done, in that you were able to go through with the act of sacrifice. In other words, that [which you have done] suffices for you [as redemption] (the statement ndaynhu, `We called to him', is the response to the lamm, `when', so that the ww [in wa-ndaynhu, `We called to him'] is extra). So, in the same way that We have rewarded you, do We reward those who are virtuous, to their own souls in obeying the Command [of God], by removing from them their distress.

24 Tafseer Ibn Kathir

قَدْ صَدَّقْتَ الرُّوْيَا

We called out to him;"O Ibrahim!" You have fulfilled the dream!

Ibrahim turned, and saw a fine, horned, white ram."

Ibn Abbas said,

"We used to look for similar types of rams."

Hisham mentioned this Hadith at length in Al-Manasik.

وَنَادَيْنَاهُ أَنْ يَا إِبْرَاهِيمُ

قَدْ صَدَّقْتَ الرُّوْيَا

We called out to him;"O Ibrahim! You have fulfilled the dream!"

means, `the purpose of your dream has been fulfilled by your laying down your son to sacrifice him.'

As-Suddi and others said that;

he passed the knife over Ismail's neck, but it did not cut him at all, because a sheet of copper was placed between them. Ibrahim was called at that point, and it was said;
قَدْ صَدَّقْتَ الرُّوْيَا
(You have fulfilled the dream!)

Allah says;

إِنَّا كَذَلِكَ نَجْزِي الْمُحْسِنِينَ

Verily, thus do We reward the doers of good.

means, `this is how We deal with those who obey Us in things that are difficult for them; We make for them a way out.'

As Allah says;

وَمَن يَتَّقِ اللَّهَ يَجْعَل لَّهُ مَخْرَجاً

وَيَرْزُقْهُ مِنْ حَيْثُ لَا يَحْتَسِبُ وَمَن يَتَوَكَّلْ عَلَى اللَّهِ فَهُوَ حَسْبُهُ إِنَّ اللَّهَ بَـلِغُ أَمْرِهِ قَدْ جَعَلَ اللَّهُ لِكُلِّ شَىْءٍ قَدْراً

And whosoever has Taqwa of Allah, He will make a way for him to get out (from every difficulty).

And He will provide him from (sources) he never could imagine. And whosoever puts his trust in Allah, then He will suffice him. Verily, Allah will accomplish his purpose. Indeed Allah has set a measure for all things. (65;2-3)

On the basis of this Ayah and this story, some of the scholars of Usul have stated that it is valid for a ruling to be abrogated before anyone is able to act upon it -- unlike some of the Mutazilah. The evidence for this is obvious, because Allah commanded Ibrahim, peace be upon him, to sacrifice his son, then He abrogated that and pointed out the ransom. The purpose of His command had been primarily to reward His close Friend for his patience and resolve in sacrificing his son.

Allah says;

إِنَّ هَذَا لَهُوَ الْبَلَء الْمُبِينُ